Grannus organization, India's fastest growing tech based social enterprise has developed a most advanced mobile app using social integration, named GRANNUS - android app available Google play store. It is a combination of social media integration and Grannus-Google map integration features developed using patent pending DGBSI RTPP/SRPP technology. This app has the ability to genuinely solve blood requirement related issues of blood seekers.

As of now many people finds it difficult to find blood donor of required group and at needed time. This app may solve these issues. The blood seeker can search blood donors by five different ways as mentioned below-

1. Blood group of your Phone-book contacts

The first person who helps us is always our friends and family. However usually we do not know to the blood group of them. During emergency, we have to call each of them to ask their blood groups, and it is very time consuming task. However using Phonebook feature of Grannus app, you can now know what the blood group of your friends have! This makes it quick to identify the right blood donor and to approach them.

 2. Local citizen resides nearby to hospital

What happens if you are out of town and you need blood donor? You don’t have any friends and family at that location who can come there to donate blood! In this case, the local citizen of Grannus app will help you.  

There are lacks of people at every location of India who believes blood donation is a noble cause and are regularly donating blood to needy person whether they know them or not.

Using Local citizen module of Grannus app, you can find the local citizen of that area where you need blood. Just click to Local citizen, check the details of the people and send them request. If they accept your request you will get their contact number also.

3. Nearby people - Unknown people who are walking near you and have wish to donate blood also!

If you cannot find any local citizen who is regular blood donor, do not worry. Just try one more way. Check nearby people feature.

Using this feature you can request anonymously to random people who are surrounding to you at that time. For example, if you are standing outside the AIMS gate no 2, you can search the people who are nearby to Gate 2 only. Here, because of the privacy issues, you cannot see any of the details of people. You can send anonymous request to randomly any people who are nearby you. If someone accept your request, you will get there contact number also.

4. Post blood donor requirement in social media of Grannus

This is the most advanced feature of this app than any other mobile app. This is internal integrated social media, where, once you post your blood requirements, it will be notified to all the people who are residing in the area where you need blood. Chances of getting blood donor are higher.

Further You can also find nearby blood bank using this module of the Grannus. Contact details are also available. The blood banks are integrated with Google map and hence you can also check the direction of blood bank. Currently we have database of blood bank of Gujarat and Delhi state. Soon we will update database of other states also. 

How to find nearby blood bank in Gujarat and Delhi

This app has ability to solve the blood related issues by 80%. Grannus organization is requesting to all people of India to please join as blood donor with Grannus app and instead of donating blood to blood bank, donate it directly to needy people. If you are healthy adult waging more than 50 kg, then donating blood every 3 month does not harmful.

You can  Download app from Google play store through this link - Grannus Android app 

If you are a regular blood donor, this app can also be useful to find the blood seekers. Please read the blow article.

I want to donate blood - Grannus app

Further this app is not only for blood related emergency. The other objectives of Grannus are women safety, child safety, family safety and many more.

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