To strengthen women safety, Grannus organization has come out with out of box concept to make public places safer for women- the concept is digital women safety groups.

These groups are formed under the leadership of former DGP and IPS of Gujarat Geetha Johri.

We request each of the citizens to join these groups by android app named GRANNUS available on google play store.

How this group works?

If any woman feels herself unsafe, she has to activate help in Grannus.

Once she has activated help, four activities occurred simultaneously

  1. Her help request will be sent to randomly any 5 Grannus volunteer who are just around 500 meter- 1 km to her at that time.
  2. Her emergency (family) contact will be notified
  3. 100 number will be dialed from her phone
  4. Till she mark herself safe, all surrounding voice recording will be started in her app, which can be used as evidences

Now, if you are joined with women safety group of Grannus and you are 500 meter near to her, you may get her help request in your app inbox.

You can see her location as well as her real time movement on map.

What you have to do?

  1. To inform police and give them location
  2. To inform nearby people and go to location with the help of other people and help her till police arrives.

Actually, just your shouting only can make the culprit to run. Our role is not to catch the culprit, our role is to save the woman to anything wrong and that’s done!  

Surrounding voice recording in her will also generate evidence – which is the best part of this app.

So we are requesting each citizens of the society to register in Grannus women safety group. Please understand, just your joining and getting her request in your mobile is important. In case you are not able to go to location to help, at least you can tell other nearby people about the incidence so that they may help.   

Please join now by GRANNUS android app available on play store


Also note that other than women safety group, you can also join Child safety group, blood donor, groups for safety of underprivileged people, national emergency group

For more information you can contact

For organization/media inquiry 8488904906


Mayank Shah, CEO



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Jay Hind