To find the nearby blood bank was a worrisome in case of emergency. However using Grannus app you can now search your nearby blood bank in few clicks. You will also get the contact details and route direction.

To find the blood bank follow below step

1. Open Grannus app

2. Set your GPS to ON

3. Go to blood search section

4. Go to I Need Blood section

5. You will find four option there. Go to the last one named - Blood bank

6. You can see the list of all blood banks which are registered with Grannus app. You can see the nearest  blood bank first.

You can find the contact number also, as well as you can also see the driving direction by Grannus-Google integrated map

Currently blood bank of Gujarat and Delhi is integrated with Grannus app. Soon we will update blood bank of other states of India also.

To download Grannus android app click here 

However further you should also note that to get the blood you would have to provide replacement blood donor because of the scarcity of blood, otherwise you might be denied to provide blood by blood bank even though you will ready to pay for it. hence you should also find blood donor most preferable of same group.

What is the solution?

Using Grannus app you can find blood donors in variety of way. You can see blood group of your phone book contact, you can search anonymous people walking around you and ready to donate blood, you can find local citizen resides near to hospital and always ready to donate blood and even you can post your blood requirement on Grannus app. Please read below article for more information. 

4 simple ways to find blood donors in India