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We have designed Grannus App using location technology with the idea to bring people together by an app whose common interest is to work for society. This integration is useful to work on social issues, mainly women safety, to find missing kid, and other social service projects

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Your support can drive revolution in safety

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Download the GRANNUS app from Google play store. Provide your few details. After app download, you become the user of the app. However to become volunteer you have to take any social responsibility.

Take Responsibility

Take the any social responsibility. You can also change the setting later. You can take the responsibility for to help women in distress, to help to find missing kids, to help government in national emergency like disaster, etc.

Ensure Safety for All

Create a social platform and be a local influencer. Ensure your residential area is safe for all. If any safety related concerns, then notify to people of your area using unique location based technology of Grannus.


Lets crack some numbers

Based on the statistical design and extrapolation of current trends, we are assuming to have following numbers

Blood Donors
Women safety volunteers
Location to place free First aid kit for people
Location to improve for safety


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Join us

We are looking for talented people to work with us in following areas

Being a Social catalyst with Grannus organization, you will not just work to provide your intellectual input, but you will be working with a mission to make our county safer.
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Sometime many of us are busy in our daily life and hence could not dedicate time in other activity. However at least you can do good work by becoming a campus catalyst and suggest your colleague to join Grannus.
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Your writing skill may help to bring revolution in safety and emergency system of India. Support us by writing articles various safety related issues.
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Our endeavor on making India safer, require significant funding for R&D and operation. Help us by raising fund
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If you are having teaching skill, join us and help to educate the people for safety, more particularly educate them for women safety, child safety, road safety, first aid etc. You can first aid and safety related classes in your school, college, a small village, etc

We need more and more adviser to guide us in our path.