Each of us is having some aspirations to do something for our country in some or other forms. Some wants to join Army or some want to be a doctor. Some people want to work for healthier India and some want to work for safer India.

If you have some vision or some ideas to make safer India, then Grannus Platform feature is for you.

Create a social platform here and start your social activities. If you are doing great job than other people who are resides in your will start to support you.

This is a chance for you to become a social leader of your area also!

How can you create platform:

Step 1: Go to Middle section of Home page and click on PLUS sign.

Step 2: You will find an option to create platform – click on that.

Step 3: Choose a name for your social platform.

Step 4: Write some description about your social activity. Other people of your residence area may support you by reading about your activity. So write a good description and be social leader of your area.  

Step 5: Select a location of your activity zone. Most of the time, this may be your home location.

Step 6: Upload a related image. You can also upload your own image. 

Step 7: Start posting – Initially you will be able to share text only. After 10 days, you will be given access to post images also.

Who can see my post?

Once you make a post on Grannus platform, all other people who resides within 2 kilometer of your activity zone will be able to see your post. They can make “P. Vote – Positive vote” to your post and they can also start discussion with you about it.

Examples to choose platform name

Below are some of the examples to choose platform name

  1. Your own name
  2. Women safety awareness
  3. Blood donor Group of "YOUR CITY NAME"
  4. Road safety in "YOUR CITY NAME"
  5. Educating India for Safety
  6. First aid education platform
  7. Let’s teach slum kids for safety
  8. Behavior based safety education
  9. No more mission people now

Etc…..are example

However, to make use of Grannus platform more effective, we have made some instruction, which each volunteer must have to follow while creating a post.

What is not allowed on Grannus Platform?

  1. No jokes are allowed
  2. No hate speeches are allowed
  3. No religion based messages are allowed
  4. No political post are allowed – accept those post related to health and safety related activity.
  5. No promotional messages are allowed. – accept it is your own business in the field of health and safety.
  6. No fake post are allowed
  7. Inappropriate image of any accident or any image containing blood are not allowed.
  8. Personnel targeting to any politician are not allowed without any court evidence.
  9. Personnel targeting to any citizen, any business man, any government employee or any other person not allowed.

In a simple sense, you can make a post related to the activity which is directly or indirectly related to health, safety and emergency system of our country.  

  1. You can post related to emergency alert in your area
  2. You can ask other people in your area about medical related experience. For example you can ask other people in your area to find particular kind of lab service.
  3. You can post safety related problems experienced by you.
  4. You can post about bad or damaged roads in your area which may lead to accidents.
  5. You can post about garbage in your area which can create health related emergency.
  6. You can post health and safety education related post.
  7. You can post blood donor requirement in your area
  8. You can post your thoughts on women safety, child safety, family safety
  9. You can post your thoughts related to medical emergency
  10. You can post about any social activity related to health, safety and emergency.

Social Score on Grannus platform:

You can get the points for each new supporters of your platform, each unique post, each positive vote you get and each share of your post. You can increase your Grannus social score which would be useful for you to earn part time money also for your social job.  


In case if someone founds misusing this platform, they will be banned temporarily or permanently depending on their level of misuse.