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What you are going to learn from this article?

- Concept of Digital Shouting ? Shout By Click and Help by Shout

- How people can join as volunteer for Women Safety by Grannus app

- How Woman can ask help using Grannus app

- How volunteer can help woman using Grannus app

1. Concept of Shout By Click

It is “Shout by Click” and “Help by Shout”.

Simply, we are replacing traditional “Shout by mouth” method of asking help with “Shout by Click”.

Once woman activated help by a click in app (Shout by click), other people, whose interest is to help women and are within 1000 meter to her will be notified in their Grannus app. Those people can see the live location of woman on Grannus app. They have to go to location and help by shouting to create fear amongst culprits.

We reiterate, this concept is replacing “Shout by mouth” method of asking help with “Shout by click”. The experience of asking help by “shout by mouth” will be similar to asking help by “Shout by click”. In both case, nearby people will either here her voice directly or here a notification voice message via app, and will go to the location to help her. This it is just replacement of traditional method with digital method. Experience by woman and volunteers will be similar in both methods.

After she activated help, her trusted contacts will also be notified with location, surrounding voice recording will be started in app and 100 number will be dialed by app.

Note: This will be the technical experiment for one of the big issue of our nation and can be sharpened with further ideas and experimentation and integration of police staff.

We also keep the option “Personnel safety” in app, where woman can only notify her trusted contact (family /friends) instead of nearby people.

How Grannus app works for Women Safety?

The mobile app for women safety works by following simple steps

1. If Woman feels unsafe in public place, she will Click on Shout by Click Button

2. Once she has activated help button, any 5 people who are 500 meter to 1 km nearby to her and who has registered themselves as volunteer for woman safety, will get request in their Grannus app. They will receive request along with her real time movement on Grannus-Google integrated map

To make it further simpler to explain you, please check below sub sections:

How to join as Volunteer for woman safety

Step 1: Download the Grannus app from Google play store

Step 2: You will be asked to join as volunteer for women safety.

Step 3: If you want to join, then click on YES otherwise you may click NOT NOW. (We request all to join. If you wish, you can also change the setting later from responsibility section of app).

Please note that the experience of giving help to woman who has shouted (ie “shout by mouth”) will be similar to giving help to woman who has asked help by Grannus app (ie “Shout by click”). In both case, nearby people will either here her voice directly or here a notification voice message via app, and will go to the location to help her. This it is just replacement of traditional method with digital method. Experience by woman and volunteers will be similar in both methods. Thus there is nothing new in Shout by Click concept.

It is just digital method of shouting for help!.

We are joining as volunteer only to help the women to get out of the threat. What to do with culprit and how to catch culprit is to be decided by police force. As Women safety group volunteer, our only objective is woman should be safe. Further, if you find the location is unsafe for yourself then just wait for women helpline or police officer to arrive. Your safety is first because if you are safe, then you can ensure safety to other!

How a woman can ask for help Using Grannus app

Step 1: Download the Grannus app from Google play store

Step 2: You must have to make trusted contact list in Grannus app. You can set your family members as well as your close friends in this list. At least one contact you have to add. As compared to other app where you can add 5 contact as trusted contact, in Grannus app you can add upto 200 contacts!

Step 3: Now whenever you feels unsafe (remember the word unsafe only!), you have to just click the "SHOUT BY CLICK" button from home page of app.

After activating the help button, four actions happen simultaneously;

1. Randomly any 5 people who are nearby 500 meter to 1 km to you will get your help request. They can see your current location as well as your real time movement on Grannus-Google integrated map.

2. List of people in your trusted contact, will get the same request.

3.  100 number can be dialed from app as per your wish.

4. Recording of surrounding voice will be started till you click I AM SAFE button or till 2hrs.

Each people, who has received your request message are able to see your movement on google integrated map till 12 hours or till you click the “I am safe” button on Grannus app. Therefore once you are safe, do not forget to press, I AM SAFE in Grannus app. It may also happened that the volunteer who has received your help request have forwarded your location to police officers and they can also see your location.

How you can help a woman?

If you have joined as volunteer and if a woman nearby to you has clicked on shout by click button, then there is a chance that you may receive her message for help.

You will receive the message in your app inbox.  You will have four options.

A: Sure: If you press sure, it means you are going to help her. That woman will also be notified for your acceptance.

B: Get location: once you click on Get location, you can see her exact location on google integrated map. You can also see her real time movement on map. She will be notified that you have checked her location.

C: Feeling Sorry: If you are not going to help her at that time, do not worry. Immediately, that request will be transferred to other person who is nearby to her.

Once you have decided to help her, you have to

1) Must have to inform nearby people around you that you get a request and

2) You must have to  inform 100 number before going to location.

With the help of nearby people, you should go to the location and help the woman to get her out of danger. Remember, the concept of Grannus is Shout by Click and Help by Shout. Your responsibility is just to help he woman only by shouting. What to do with culprit or how to catch culprit is not your responsibility. As a good citizen, we can help women helpline team or Police officer to find the culprit.

What to do if we are unable to go?

To join the women safety group or not is your choice. However we suggest each men and each women should join this group. If you are not able to go for help, then it’s ok, but you can pass the message to other people who are surrounding to you.

Further before joining as volunteer there are some instructions which must to follow
while helping woman. Please click on below link.


Instruction to ask help or to provide help to women in distress

Please note that it is just a social platform for people of our country to help each other in various kinds of emergency. How to use this platform depends on your level of understanding.

This is just replacement of traditional “Shout-by-mouth” method with “Shout-by-click” method. Whatever the outcome may observe while asking for help or providing for help in “Shout by Mouth”, same can also observe while asking for help or providing for help in “Shout by Thumb”.

So do it as per your good level of understanding. Grannus team is not responsible for any consequence.

Please note that whenever volunteer click on Get Location button, it will be recored in Grannus database also.

If you are using Grannus app in a social manner, then it can solve the women safety related issues of our society.

जय हिंद.

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