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Grannus organization is thankful to you for your interest to join Grannus as volunteer for women safety. However we are requesting to all the members to please check and follow the instruction to make a sustainable safer public places for women.

Instruction for Women to ask help:

  1. Please understand, the Grannus platform is just to assist you to ask nearby help in case of emergency. Activate for the help only if you feel frightened or afraid of something! If you are not frightened, do not activate for help. If someone has reported of doing misuse by anyone, she may be banned.
  2. Grannus platform is just a replacement of traditional shout by mouth method of asking help with Shout by thumb. It means, in case you are not able to ask for help by shouting then you can use your thumb to shout!
  3. Only a woman can activate help in Grannus.
  4. Do not activate help if you are able ask other nearby people to help you.
  5. Once you have activated for help, remember that any 5 Grannus volunteers who are nearest to you will get your request message along with your location. They can also see your real time movement on Grannus map till 12 hours or till you click on I Am Safe button. So once you are in safe zone, do not forget to click on I am safe button.
  6. Your emergency contacts will also be notified the same messages, so please keep your emergency contacts updated. You can add your close friends and family in your emergency contact list.
  7. Once you have activated help button, it may happen that someone has forwarded your location to Police officer and police may come first before any nearby people come. So please do not misuse the app.
  8. In case if you want to send emergency message to your family/friends only, then select “Personnel safety” button and activate it.
  9. Once you have activated help from women safety button, for the security concern, Grannus app will record surrounding voice for your safety.
  10. Do not use this button for fun or time-pass. You may ban permanently banned if reported to doing so.     

Instruction to other men and women who is providing help

  1. Please note that it is your willingness only to help the woman in distress. You are not bound to do so.
  2. You should have good level of understanding while extending help to a woman who is frightened.
  3. If you want to accept the request of a woman for help and want to go for help then your decision is appreciable and it will be appreciated. However please note the following point while going to provide help.
    1. It is mandatory for you to inform your local women helpline team  about the message of a woman and inform them that you are going to that location to help her. (At most of the locations, women helpline number is 181)
    2. Inform other nearby people and go to the location with their help.
    3. Please note, our social responsibility is just to get a woman out of the danger. What to do with culprit or how to catch culprit is the responsibility of women helpline team or police officers. However as a good citizen, if you think you may help police officers to find the culprit, then you should.
  4. Please note that everyone should have some level of understanding. No one is culprit till it is decided by court. If any of the volunteer is reported to engage in any kind of misbehavior with culprit, then he/she may be banned permanently. Further Grannus is just providing a platform to you to help the woman to get her out of danger. There is no other authority to you. You will be responsible for any incorrect action taken by you.
  5. In case the scene is dangerous to you, then please wait for women helpline team to come.

As we have said earlier we are iterating again, Whatever the outcome you may observed while asking for help or providing for help when any women ask for your help by shouting (Shout-by-Mouth), same can also observe while asking for help or providing for help by Grannus app “Shout by Thumb”. So do it as per your good level of understanding. Grannus team is not responsible for any consequence to you.

However if will use this app in a social manner, then it can solve the women safety related problem of our society. 

Jay hind

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