What is digital diary in Grannus app?

Digital diary in Grannus app is your own space in app, where you can write your daily social work in different categories. Your record of Social work will be available life time and any one can view it. 

You can post following categories of social work

  1. Women safety and child safety awareness
  2. Food donation
  3. Medical education
  4. Blood donation
  5. Activities in Vrudhashram
  6. Activities in Anathashram
  7. Medical kit distribution
  8. Cloth distribution
  9. Activities for underprivileged people
  10. etc

What is the use of this Digit Diary

If you keep your digital record updated, then in any point of time in future, you or any one else can see about what type of work you have done on which date and at which places.

In short - Digital diary of Grannus is your Life Calendar of social activities

How to add post in digital diary

  1. Go to you Volunteer profile
  2. You will find a button "Add Activity". Click on it
  3. You will see various categories of social work, select any one
  4. Describe about your activities
  5. Add photographs
  6. Submit the activity by clicking √ button at top corner
  7. After you submit it, it will be visible in your profile as well as activity page of app
  8. When you can click on Share button below your activity, Your personalized image will be created, that you can share on other social media also

What happen after you post your activity?

  • Your Post will be visible in activity page of Grannus.
  • Other app users can see and if they like your work, they can vote it.
  • Voting will increase your social score.
  • Your activity will remain for lifetime in your profile with date wise record.
  • Your social work profile is also created in your profile and you can download the file.