Join Grannus Task and help in making strong nation!

It is a social Interest based volunteering opportunity on Grannus app.

Grannus Task is a social service project that you have to execute in your area of residence and after execution, you have to post it in digital diary of Grannus ap. Other people can see your work, can vote it and your social score and follower will be increased based on your work.

How it work?

  • Every  month, we at Grannus identifies some of the important social service work project
  • We publish those project details in Grannus Task Page. You can find Grannus task page from menu of the app.
  • You have to visit regularly Grannus Task Page.
  • If you want to join any task, click on participate button below the task image.
  • Encourage your neighbors to join the project with you and execute the task in your area of residence.
  • Take photographs of your work
  • After completion of social work, open your app and go to your profile
  • Click on add activvity and select appropriate category of work.
  • Write description and upload photographs and post the task on Grannus Board
  • All the app user can view your work and can vote it
  • Your social score will be increased based on number of your vote you will get.
  • Your level of membership will be increased with your increase in social score.