There are many mobile apps are available on Google play store and Apple store for women safety. Few famous apps are “Nirbhaya”, Vodafone Sakhi, Himmat Plus, Abhayam etc.

Himmat Plus, Abhayam, Pratisad are official woman safety app developed and published by Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra Government respectively. All are the highly trusted app. However the purpose of Grannus app is different compared to other available apps. Himmat Plus and Abhayam app are dedicated to women safety only and using this apps, a woman can send request for help along with her location to police control room or women safety control room. The officers who received your request are well trained police officers who are always ready to help a woman in distress. In most of the cases, police team is surrounded by us, and when they receive the request they depart for our help. However help sometime may get delayed due to highly trafficked and complex roads in India.

The concept of Grannus app

The concept of Grannus app is very much different than other apps. Grannus app has been published by India's fastest growing technology based social organization. The concept is replacement of traditional shout by mouth method of asking help with Shout by Click method! and providing help by "Help by Shout" method 

Grannus app is a social integration platform developed using patent pending DGBS-AI RTPP technology. Using Grannus app, when a woman activate for help, three activities happens simultaneously;

1. Any 5 Grannus volunteers who are nearby 500 meter to 1 km to woman will get her help request in their mobile app. Those volunteers can see real time location of the requester on on Grannus-Google integrated map.

2. Trusted contact set by woman would also get the same message (Upto 200 contacts can be set as trusted contacts)

3. 100 number will be dialed from Woman's phone

4. Till woman marked herself safe, all surrounding voice will be recorded in her mobile which can be used as evidence

Thus the concepts are very much different. If you are using Himmat Plus app or Abhayam App, you should continue using those apps for your safety because these are the highly trusted app. However you should keep Grannus app for different purpose.

Both of this Government app has faced the limitation in terms of number of downloads because of mainly one reason that this is not the daily use app. The major difference between Grannus app and these other apps is Grannus has too many other functions which can be useful in day to day lives.

Grannus is a social networking platform for volunteers and NGOs. There are many other features of Grannus app that you can check by below links

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Because of the various other feature of Grannus app, the number of Downloads is expected to increasing over the time and hence this app is going to be the most successful app for women safety.

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Thanking honourable MPs and MLA for supporting Grannus in Corona emergency