Founder of Grannus organization has met to honorable to deputy chief minister of Gujarat State, Shree Nitinbhai Patel to discuss with them about the social issues related to safety of people and to convey them the objectives and idea of Grannus organization to strengthen safety and emergency system of our country. 

They have conveyed them message on how the social integration through digitizalization can help to solve many social issues related to safety of people of our country. The efforts taken by Grannus has also been conveyed to them. And we feel blessed as Deputy CM Gujarat have appreciated our efforts and send us motivational message.

The letter as send from Office of Deputy CM, Govt of Gujarat, Gandhinagar:

"I am happy to know that a social startup from Nadiad, the cultural city of Gujarat, has developed an innovative integrated digitalized ecosystem for safety of people of our country and is now ready to launch nationwide from Delhi.

The social startups are the need of the hour and have the ability to transform the society. I wish all the very best to Grannus organization for success in achieving the objectives to strengthen the safety and emergency system of our country through digitalization"

Government of Gujarat has set higher priority for the people and are leader in supporting social startups. Grannus team also believes that social startup has the power to transform the society. Further the use of digital technology